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By John Geluardi

Concerned about changes to your daily newspaper over the last year? Well now’s your chance to chime in on changes, good or bad.

Reporters with the Northern Californian Media Workers Guild will hold a live Web chat from noon to 1 p.m. this Wednesday to hear from readers who want to talk about what they’re reading in the papers and discuss what the future holds for Bay Area news coverage.

The live chat is being held on the one-year anniversary of newspaper giant MediaNews’ consolidated all of the East Bay’s major dailies under a subgroup called Bay Area Newspaper Group – East Bay or Bang-EB. The group of 11 dailies includes the Contra Costa Times and the Oakland Tribune. MediaNews also purchased the San Jose Mercury News, formerly one of the most respected daily publications in the country.

Since MediaNews took over, there have been a great many changes to Bay Area newsrooms. There were huge layoffs of talented and experienced journalists and more ads began to appear in the paper, which meant fewer stories on government, schools and the courts.

Despite the declining revenues and a bleak outlook for the newspaper industry in general, the Bay Area reporters continue to win awards and last June voted to form a new union in the face of heavy opposition from management.

So don’t be shy, reporters are the ones who can tell you firsthand about the changes in the industry and what those changes mean. Good reporters also love tough questions, so don’t hesitate to tell them about the stories they should be covering. East Bay Crime reporter Karl Fischer, and Union president Sara Steffens will be on hand to discuss the fine art of capturing the news.

Live Chat
Wednesday, Aug. 13
Noon to 1 p.m.

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