Jennifer Siebel Newsom Cheated Out of Chance to Meet Former "Growing Pains" Star

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The Chron has a story in its pages this morning about a lawsuit sparked by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, wife to our Gavin Newsom, and aspiring actress. Apparently Siebel Newsom threw down $75K to buy her way into a film called Milk & Fashion produced by a once San Francisco-based businessman and filmmaker, Jay Rothstein. The film tells a story as old as time: a Caucasian ballet-dancing, Chinese-speaking boy nicknamed -what else?- "Milk" meets an aspiring fashion designer nicknamed uh, "Fashion," and they teach each other important life lessons or something.

Siebel Newsom was to have produced the movie, which she did not, and played a character called Penelope who never made it into the end result, which was released in China seven months ago.

One former child star and one former president after the jump.

The movie is a vehicle for Rothstein's son, Kyle, who learned Chinese when attending a bilingual school in San Francisco. He's a minor celebrity who once met the first George Bush and has been the topic of a few articles, all of which express heaps of surprise that a white kid could learn to speak Chinese.

Siebel Newsom wants no less that 6.5 percent of the stateside earnings of the film and "more than $184,000 for fraud, breach of contract and other violations."

I can't really blame her. I would be pissed, too, if I had been robbed of the chance of staring alongside Jeremy Miller, who plays Uncle to Kyle Rothstein's character. Ben Seaver has a big following in China. --Andy Wright

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