Photos: Week on the Street (Part 2)

Notes and Photos by Janine Kahn (See last week's Week on the Street here.)

Sunday - Getting it on at Dolores Park

Just when we thought dusk at Dolores couldn't get any more pleasant, Mission staple Amandeep Jawa shows up on a three-wheeler, pedaling through the park with two rather large speakers strapped to his ride. Couples and picnicking pals waved and cheered as his song choice, Marvin Gaye's "Let's get it on," filtered through the air.

(Jawa is known for FlashDance street parties, which you can read about here. We kind of wish he had been dressed in his well-worn disco ball costume.)

Monday - Sucks to be Bayview

Sorry, Bayview, but if the best "neighborhood treasure" they could advertise on MUNI's 38 Line is your YMCA...that probably won't have folks beating down your door.

Tuesday - Everybody here wants you

The iPhone line outside the Apple store at around 10:30 a.m. We shall wait for all the hype to die down before considering picking one of these babies up.

Wednesday - Street eats

"Sonoma Select" free range chicken with a side of potatoes - $6 at the Heart of the City Farmers Market at UN Plaza every Wednesday. If you've yet to read Meredith Brody's "State of the Cart" street food feature this week, it's not too late. And there are many more photos of farmers' markets, carts and taco trucks to be had.


Thursday - Gay marriage sells shoes

Window displays with similar concepts on opposite sides of Haight Street - John Fluevog (dear lord, the stuff inside is true shoe porn) pictured on top and Villains with the fuzzy heart below.

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