Yo! Danielle! Gimme a Quarter!

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SF's rich romance novelist secretly helps the city's homeless


In the latest issue of Newsweek, author Danielle Steel reveals for the first time that a decade ago she formed a secret 11-member outreach team called "Yo! Angel!" to help the homeless on the streets with sleeping bags, food, personal-hygiene supplies and clothing. "We drive around late into the night," Steel writes, "with four vanloads of supplies, looking for 'clients.' Recently our costs have become prohibitive, and we are seeking new sources for our supplies."

So ... Ms. Steel is coming out about her furtive philanthropy in order to bring attention to the plight of the homeless "as funds for the homeless are cut in many states and cities." While we applaud Steel's efforts, we think she doesn't have to look too far for new funding sources for Yo! Angel! If Steel just cut back on her reported $4 million a year shoe habit, she could use the extra dough to buy plenty of "personal-hygiene supplies" for street-dwellers. -- Will Harper

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