Hey! We Were Lesbians First!

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lesbos.jpgThe Aegean island of Lesbos has long been derided by uncouth school children and adults whose sense of humor hasn’t developed much since they were school children, for its nomenclatural relationship with the term for gay women.

Well, Dimitris Lambrouone, one Greek magazine publisher with a big, homophobic chip on his shoulder, has decided to do something about it. Legally. He’s going to court to stop the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union (Olke) from using the word “lesbian” to describe themselves.

"It's not an aggressive act against gay women…Let them visit Lesbos and get married and whatever they like. We just want them to remove the word lesbian from their title... My sister can't say she's a Lesbian..."

Mr. Lambrou sniffed to the Independent. Lambrou then goes on to say that inhabitants of the island have suffered “psychological and moral rape” as a result of the use of the term “lesbian” to describe a sexual orientation.

There’s nothing like a healthy serving of Homophobia topped with a hearty dollop of Trivializing Rape.

The case was heard on Tuesday, and Reuters carried a story on the hearing, which took place in Athens. Here’s a choice quote from a resident of Lesbos, Ioannis Achlioptas:

"I have a hard time explaining to my daughter that we Lesbians are not homosexuals.”

Really? Because I feel like there is a pretty easy way to tell which kind of L/lesbian you are.

The court expects to return a verdict in no later than two months. -–Andy Wright

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