Worst Chronicle Headline-Photo SNAFU yet

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In what may be the most unintentionally hilarious local headline-photo matchup since the Oakland Tribune obituary for former U.C Berkeley coach Nibs Price featured the headline "Death Calls Nibs Price" — and a photo of him on the phone — take a gander at the instant masterpiece from SFgate.com below:


Apparently Star Jones once roamed Yosemite! In fact, isn't that a picture of Star now? And to think: Star Jones has had an impact on the local ecology (in fact, wow! Star Jones has had an impact on anything!)

Whoever is responsible for this — thanks! You made our day.

Enjoy the weekend. And if you see Star Jones, jump up and down, make a lot of noise and maybe even throw your keys at her. Whatever you do, don't run. She can't resist the instinct to chase (especially if you're pointing a camera at her).

— Joe Eskenazi

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