Why is the Guardian Shilling for PG&E?

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By Will Harper

Oh, the irony! This week's Bay Guardian contains one of its typical rants about PG&E. The editorial takes PG&E to task for being "up to no good" and blah blah "old-fashioned greenwashing." So we were amused to see a PG&E ad accompanying the online version of the story.

Guardian executive editor Tim Redmond once told the Bay Area Reporter that his paper would take ads from anybody so long as they weren't libelous, fraudulent or obscene. (An aside: I never understood why Redmond, the editor, was answering business-side questions about ads in the paper. Aren't editorial and sales supposed to be separate?) Guess he wasn't kidding. I mean, if the Guardian will take ads from the energy company it has railed against as the epitome of evil for 40 years, well, then damn--would they run SF Weekly promos?

See the screen shot of the offending PG&E ad after the jump. . .


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