When in Jerusalem ... Pretend You're Jesus! Gavin Newsom Sure Did

"Hello, I am America's sexiest mayor" — Shalom, ani ha'rosh ir hachi sexy b'artzot ha'brit.

"In most solemn truth I tell you that one of you will betray me — yes, Daly, I'm looking at you."

By Joe Eskenazi

Sometimes, you just can't resist. How many folks have posed for "I'm king of the world!" photos on the bows of cruise ships? How many of us have assembled a foursome to cross Abbey Road?

And, when in Jerusalem retracing the steps of Jesus, who hasn't suddenly portrayed himself as the Messiah? Well ... not everyone, actually. But our mayor sure did:

At one of the Stations of the Cross, Newsom placed his hand on a wall stone, said to be the one Jesus touched on his walk to his crucifixion. He then placed his hands on the cheeks of his fiancée and jokingly said, “I heal you.”

Pretending you're God in front of the media might not be the best thing for an elected official to do. But, then, in Newsom's case, the analogy doesn't go so far: Jesus didn't dress like he was on a 24-hour GQ shoot, lead his hot fiancée around Jerusalem or have Eric Jaye telling him what to do. On the other hand, if Newsom really was a divine being, his impetuous approval of gay marriage really would be the law of the land — no meticulous, organized efforts like Massachusetts or New York. And certainly no Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to strike it down (What Gavin Has Joined, Let No Man Put Asunder).

Unfortunately for Newsom, his Jesus act may be all too apropos. Not everyone is thrilled at his journey to Israel — in fact, you could say that some folks are ready to crucify him.

Photo | Dan Pine

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