The California Herald Goes Online-Only

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Fresh off the Haight Street sidewalk: The California Herald (formerly known as the San Francisco Herald) is leaving the print world and going online-only effective July 1. Herald Editor and Publisher Gene Mahoney writes:

"All good things come to an end. Or in the case of the Herald, all pretty good things come to an end.

Actually, the Herald’s not really ending. It just won’t be printed on paper anymore. You’ll have to go online to read it at It will also “come out” more frequently than it has in the past few years. I’m planning on every month.

Don’t be sad, because I’m not. Actually, this is the most excited I’ve been since I started the San Francisco Herald ten years ago. Or at least since its heyday, in July 2001, where it was all over the place with a full-color picture of a half-naked Terri Nunn on the cover."

Mahoney adds that he regrets starting editions of the Herald for Santa Monica, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, etc. "as it just took too much time and effort for too little reward." But unlike other papers, he says he never lost money on the project. "It’s always been profitable, just not as much as I wanted it to be." --Janine Kahn

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