SF Gov't InAction: This Week It's All About Troops ... and the Budget

By Benjamin Wachs

The Board of Supervisors likes to take long weekends and make them even loooooooonger. That’s why there are no meetings Monday, Tuesday, or Friday … which technically gives the supes two long weekends to play with.

In fact, there will be only two committee meetings this week — and technically it’s only one committee, Budget and Finance, meeting twice.

This means the supervisors who are NOT on that committee — Aaron Peskin, Michela Alioto-Pier, Bevan Dufty, Tom Ammiano, Sophie Maxwell, and Gerardo Sandoval — don’t have to show up for work this week at all.

And to think they say San Franciscans aren’t patriotic.

Monday, May 26, No Meeting — It’s Memorial Day, and all of San Francisco will stop what it’s doing to think about men in uniform.

Tuesday, May 27, No Meeting — it’s the Memorial Day after party.

Wednesday, May 28, 11 a.m. – Budget and Finance Committee

Today is a big day for the Budget Committee: Its members will be deciding how much money they want to put in this year’s budget for the Department of Environment, the San Francisco Port, the Rent Arbitration Board, the Airport, the Board of Appeals, and the MTA.

Can you feel the excitement?

They’ll also be holding another “budget status update” hearing and … yawn … wow, am I suddenly tired. Must be all those shots I downed while watching the firespinners honor the troops. I want to stay awake for the rest of the budget meeting of course … yawn … I mean, it’s just fascinating stuff … yawn … but I think I’ll lie down over here for a while. Wake me when it’s over.

Thursday, May 29, 11 a.m. – Budget and Finance Committee

Shit, did I really sleep that long? All right … let’s see … in the sequel to yesterday’s Budget Meeting (I think it’s called “San Francisco Board of Supervisors Budget & Finance Committee and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”) the committee debates whether to release Public Utility Commission reserve funds; increase the various fees for taxi medallions; deciding how much money they want to put into the PUC, the Taxi Commission (I thought we were getting rid of that?); the Law Library, and the MTA (continued). Finally, they’ll be …. Yawn … ah, hell, here we go again …

Friday, May 30, no meeting – instead, the Supes will be preplanning the Veteran’s Day Mardi Gras. God bless the troops!

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