Naked Yoga Guy Arrested for 6th Time

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Geez Louise. Remember how we told you that Naked Yoga Guy George Davis was having a (naked) book signing last Thursday? Well it turns out the cops spoiled the party by hauling him off for the sixth time in his, er, "career" as a public nudist. (Davis says it's his sixth arrest by "police count," but his 10th arrest from his perspective.)

If they thought that would discourage Davis, they're wrong, though. He says he'll be back at Fisherman's Wharf tomorrow strutting his stuff and signing copies of his new book "Weapons of Mass Deception."

Behind the cut: An open letter Davis sent us about the ordeal. --Janine Kahn

"I didn't know that they arrested writers in San Francisco," said my "homeless" cell mate who didn't care if he slept on the sidewalk or a county jail cell floor in a city that didn't care either.

May 1, 2008 was my sixth arrest by police by police count for public nudity to create a Free Body Culture political movement. This was my tenth arrest from a civilian perspective that any time you are in a locked police room, you are under arrest. Since nudity is not a crime in California unless a person is lewd and San Francisco juries tend to be fair and reasonable, the District Attorney has consistently discharged all citations, including this May 1 arrest.

I have to admit to some past ambiguity to my efforts to create a Free Body Culture movement to end the mentally regressive nudity taboo. This time I was arrested for organizing a book signing for my new book, Weapons of Mass Deception. This is clearly a very political book that, besides advocating for a European styled FKK Free Body Culture movement, is highly critical of the San Francisco political machine, the San Francisco mayor, San Francisco Police Department, the American Military-Industrial Complex, the American Prison-Industrial Complex, and other contemporary political issues. Now, clearly, I am being arrested to suppress these ideas.

On a personal level, most people consider me a quiet, polite, slightly intellectual, sometimes funny guy. If there was a line formed of people who didn't think nudity was a big deal, I could be placed in front of that line. Obviously, my arrests show that I am wrong. This is a big deal.

From my field experience with public nudity, I can state that the only people who have emotional problems with public nudity are angry people, excessively authoritarian personalities, and fundamentalist religious nut cases. In San Francisco, this is at most maybe 2% of the population. Admittedly, these people are squeaky wheels. Are these the people you want to boss you around? Are these the people that you want to dominate the political sphere or your life?

By the way, some of the biggest nudist supporters are thinking religious people like Pope John Paul II.

If you have any critical doubts about the truth of what I have written, I hope you take efforts to learn more about nudism and the nudity taboo. I plan to add a forum page to the Internet site, In fact, the first topic I would like to put up would be the answer to the question, "What harm would befall a child who saw a nude adult?" I don't have an intelligent answer other than "none". To contribute to the forum, email:

I plan to return to Fisherman's Wharf on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 and thereafter to the Southeast corner of Beach and Taylor by the statue of St. Francis from noon-3, weather and no schedule conflicts permitting, to continue work on educating people on the FKK Free Body Culture movement. See you there.

George Davis

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