Meet the Artist General


I was confronted with this warning on the way to work this morning, and like a good little sheep dutifully tapped “artist general” into the Google search box as directed by the poster.

Turns out the the Artist General is self appointed (shocking, I know) and also goes by the name Michael Masley. He’s a musician who plays the cymbalom and hammer dulcimer. You can check out his vintage style Web site here. (Click here for one of the most awesome pictures on the internets.)Warning: music starts playing the instant the page loads and if you scroll down you’ll be treated to an animation that looks like a Scientology info-graphic and a Magic Eyes book had a bastard child.

Video, after the jump!

Masley is one of the protesters interviewed by the Daily Show’s Rob Riggle when Code Pink descended upon the Berkeley Marine recruiting center and you can check out his quip here.

He’s posted a series of videos to YouTube, including his address to the nation below. In it he calls for an end to war as well as a contract of accountability with the government that he says will be enforced “by the blogosphere.” Finally, someone recognizes our authority! The time is nigh!

-Andy Wright

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