City Fee Increase for Street Artists Takes a Giant Leap Forward for Bureaucracy

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By Benjamin Wachs

Life looks like it’s going to get harder for street artists.

The city’s Budget & Finance committee approved a measure today that would increase the fees for street artists by about $160 annually … despite a long line of artists taking the stand to oppose the increase and a few fishy numbers from the city.

Fishy? Well, not as in “inaccurate.” I take Street Artist Program Director Howard Lazar at his word when he says that street artist fees in places like Seattle and Honolulu are way, way higher than they are here.

It’s just that … Honolulu? Seriously? Why on earth are we comparing our fees to Honolulu’s?

In fact, as several artist pointed out in public comment, SF’s fees are significantly higher than many of our neighboring cities in the Bay Area. About twice as expensive as Oakland’s, for example.

The artists were uncommonly prepared , coming with a counter-proposal of their own: 85% of the program budget comes from two full-time employees. If you need to balance the budget, how about cutting staff?

In response, city employees said that program staff was strained enough as it was, and that they were actually thinking of increasing it … which would probably lead to more fee increases down the line.

The issue now goes to the full Board of Supervisors.

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So the deranged person is still lost and in denial! It's not Slander pointing out that this

deranged person has had their street license revoked on March 13th and been in custody for

threatening phone calls to a city employee! Those are Facts that are a matter of public

record, like the Fact that they will be in trouble for irrational behavior again

and either end up in custody again or in a hospital again! No lies or gossip just Facts!


Mike Addario is at it again. Nothing better to do

than gossip and make up lies at Justin Herman

Plaza. Why not? He isn't making money.

San Francisco Street Artists are a tribe of

people who are unable and unwilling to have

a normal job In some part due to low self

esteem and in other aspects due to lack of

sense of self. The fact that the finances and

leadership of the program had been a mess

for 41 years- speaks to the fact that you-Mike

Addario are an easy target. Lazar is playing

you. The legal fees over events that haven't

taken place are what is increasing the fees.

You idiots are paying. No o e with any sense

of self or abilities as an Artist would get involved

in the kindergarten antics of Lazar and the

junk people like you-Mike Addario.

Go get yourself a life. Go make some real

money and don't spend time slandering people

you don't know.


I have my information correct check out SF Art Commission Street Artist Committee Meeting Minutes for March 13, 2013 and low and behold a deranged person has been denied a street artist  license and check out the Hall of Justice and a deranged person was incarcerated for threatening phone calls to a city employee who was eventually promoted. Nobody cares how much money this deranged person has since it doesn't stop the person from ending up in jails and hospitals and doesn't change the fact that this deranged person will end up in trouble in the future for irrational behavior. It is not slander to point out what is a matter of public record it is a factual account of events that have occurred that isn't misinformation but the facts that are what they are!


Yet another angry and misinformed nut case who SF has given a permit. Look it up!!!

There was no evidence-Russell never appeared and was fired. I won more in damages than

you make in a year.


Howard Lazar is the biggest con artist of all time. He will lie in your face and do the opposite. Mike Addario is so jammed up his ass we all have to hear about their bickerings everyday. Just take Fama Thiam- she has an entire stand of cheap mass produced costume jewelry. Lazar has never brought her in for a hearing and in over 15 years of people complaint about it- he refuses to do anything. Lazar wants a visitor to San Francisco to return for some hearing. Go out and investigate yourself- you bozo! That program is garbage!


That Street Artist Program is a mess. Lazar falsified the budget this year again.

The Mayor stepped in once this year to cover his $50, 000 mistake. Will

he give another $60,000? Don't think so. That means the fees will increase again.

The SFAC will not acknowledge Lazar's mistake and the street artists will again

pay for his mistake. Not only has Lazar lied on public documents; altered audio

tapes and tried to get out of going before the SOTF by sending in a temp-

the money he uses for his folly comes from the street artist fees. It is time

to get rid of the lame market manager at Justin Herman Plaza who does Lazar's

work for free-it is time for Lazar to retire!


Well, another nuts case street artist who hasn't

bothered to look up the case and spends all

of his time on the street making no money and

gossiping. Mike Addario is wrong as usual.

John Tenuli doesn't know what he is doing and

made a real ass out of himself in city hall.

Street artists of San Francisco are a breed of

animal that no one cares for. The whining,

complaining and petty gossip of people they

don't know is boring. No wonder your fees



Spoken by a mental case that was always having their license revoked for being a lunatic and menace to other respectable artists that follow the rules.



 Well. let's see-not only do you refuse to give your name you seem

to like to slander people you don't know. a real street artist.

why don't you have a look at the civil grand jury report. that is if you can read.


Not only do you have it all wrong- you should do a public record search before

you slander people you do not know. Russell never showed in court I won damages.


A real con artist is more like it ....Let's see first your online name and gender is false and what you accuse others of you are guilty of which is sad. What you mistakenly call slander is a actual record trail of your violations and license revocations that is a matter of public record available for all to see online with san francisco art commision minutes.You play the victim very poorly when you are a perp that was locked up in jail for 45 days for phone called  threats to a city employee.You can change your name but like a leopard you can't change your spots and everybody knows who you are when you claim they don't know you.They wish they didn't know you!

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