Chron Site Hijacked?

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This is the headline that greeted SFGate readers this morning. Someone who is no fan of columnist Mark Morford appears to have thrown up a string of spammish dribble in place of Morford's usual Wednesday offering (unless of course this is the Wednesday offering). Click for more screenshots and "Kick-up porno dvd for mmorford!!! Kylie Minogue Kick-up porno!!! Penelope Cruz Stunning photo!!!"

Note: There will be no kick-up porno and no stunning photos of Penelope Cruz after the jump.


We recommend that, no matter how tempting, you not "click here" to join an email list and remove one article of clothing.

The commenters over at SFgate seem to think this article is legit and considering it's still hanging around on the Web site, it probably is. Which leaves only one question: What is Mark on and where can we get some?
--Andy Wright

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