WiiSex: 'Finally, You Can Have Sex With Your Wii'


Oh yeah. Wiii just got a whole lot sexier creepier: Behold WiiSex. It's a Wii-compatible doll with sensor-rigged orifices (yes there are three) equipped with "glowing lights and vibrations" that create scenarios the developers -- three soon-to-be-billionaire Stanford alumni -- promise are "so lifelike, you will swear it's the real thing. And who's to say it's not!"

Uhh, well, I'll go ahead and say it's not. I mean, I've dated some stiff white chicks in my time, but -- nevermind. In a nod to reality idealism, I suppose, the goal of each challenge is simultaneous climax. Surprise, surprise: WiiSex is not licensed by Nintendo, or "not yet," as the developers say. But Beta-testing is currently in progress and first edition copies are slated for delivery in early June. Some lucky high schoolers are in for a very enjoyable summer indeed.UPDATE: Or they would be, if the WiiSex was real, but alas, it is April Fool's Day. (via Thrillist)

-- B.B.

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