Seriously. What's Up With the Car Shootings?

Categories: Crime

gun_bullet.jpgWhen a man was shot dead in broad daylight, in his car, in Potrero Hill, by perps wearing ski masks earlier this month, we were appropriately alarmed.

Following yesterday's fatal shooting of a man on the Interstate 280, I'll see you an "alarmed" and raise you an "Where do I buy a flak jacket?" The man not only got shot and killed while driving in his car, his two kids were in the back seat. They survived.

He's the second person to be shot and killed on a Bay Area highway this week and third this month. I don't know a lot about pointing a gun, but I have garnered from repeated viewings of the Lethal Weapon franchise that hitting a moving target can be difficult. And these moving targets were in cars. On highways.

In other gun related news, Prop H, which would have banned SF residents from owning handguns, was slapped down by the state Supreme Court yesterday. --Andy Wright

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