Serial Farter Strikes BART, Writes About It

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craigslist blog, local newbie devoted solely to the incredibly useful lunatic asylum known as craigslist has uncovered a real gem of a Best Of rant, which, while a few months old, is one of the funniest things I've real all month. And without further ado, the BART Serial Fartist speaks:

"Much like Picasso wielded a paint and easel, I have the ability to practically fart on command and have perfected the ventriloquist and ricochet methods which allow me to strike with devastating accuracy from cover much like a highly trained sniper."
"Who sits there and yells on speaker phone and reads stories about an axe murderer to his wife during rush hour (in the elderly and handicapped seat no less)? You do. I fought for almost two minutes, desperately pumping the volume up button on my iPod trying to block out your transgressions. My career as a fartist started then, my ignorant self absorbed friend, and you were treated to turkey chili con queso. Oooooh it was hot and wet when I crop dusted you, how did it smell? Call your wife and tell her about it."

-- B.B.

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