Rumor Mill: Historic Day For Gay Marriage in May?

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castro_flag.jpgOver at the Huffington Post, Ryan J. Davis has a piece about the impending ruling on gay marriage due from the California court, and it's creating quite a stir on the internets. The court has until June 2 to hand down their decision, but according to "sources wishing to remain anonymous in the California Court System," they may just say "We do what we want" and issue the ruling on May 28, against anti-gay marriage Prop 22.

The Family Research Council, which is one of those innocuous sounding groups that wants religion back in the classroom and the ladies back in the kitchen, is worried enough to have launched a ballot initiative for a constitutional amendment against gay marriage in California. Schwarzenegger reportedly openly panned the FRC's actions when addressing the Log Cabin Republicans, saying "I will always be there to fight against that." Which is interesting, because Schwarzenegger has twice vetoed bills that support gay marriage.

Could California be making a bold move toward legalizing gay marriage by the end of next month? Start speculating! Wildly! --Andy Wright

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