Even more TV no one watches! Every San Francisco government meeting is on deck

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By Benjamin Wachs

Hey, I blinked and missed it – but apparently Ross Mirkarimi’s bill requiring all public meetings that can be recorded and broadcast to be recorded and broadcast finally passed.

And by “passed” I mean, “squeaked through.” It was a 6 – 5 vote, Mirkarimi, Peskin, Daly, Ammiano, Dufty, and Gerardo Sandoval voted for it, making them heroes for a day.

No word from the Mayor’s office about whether he plans to sign or veto it: a spokeswoman at the Mayor’s Press Office said she’d get back to me, which almost never happens.

It’s sure to be an unpopular measure with many members of San Francisco’s volunteer boards, some of whom have gone out of their way to avoid public scrutiny. The mayor’s going to be in a tough position: he hates having to decide whose side he’s really on.

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