Clay, Alligator Blood, Kitchen Sink Proposed as Treatments for MRSA

alligator.jpgEvery week it seems the scientific community proposes new ways to combat MRSA and their offerings are getting increasingly outlandish. Two such suggestions were proffered to the attendees of this week's national meeting of the American Chemical Society. Researchers at Arizona State University have studied over 20 different kinds of clay and come to the conclusion that certain types contain minerals that target several hard to treat infections, including MRSA. Meanwhile, researchers in Louisiana claim that proteins in alligator blood may be helpful in combating serious infections. Apparently alligators have amazing immune systems. The research team says that "gator-blood creams show particular promise as topical ointments." Given the choice between clay minerals and "gator-blood creams", I think the choice is obvious. Gator-blood cream all the way.(pic from National Geographic/Anne Keiser)-Andy Wright

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