Ain't That Sweet: Official, Unofficial Craigslist Blogs Make Up

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jim_buckmaster.jpgThe official vs. unofficial Craigslist Blog controversy has come to a far more civil end than the white-hot virtual saber-rattling of last week lead us to believe. Here's the skinny: after calling bullshit on a Cease & Desist letter from Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster (seen in fabulous wind-blown glamor shot above), the unofficial Craigslist Blog called for his resignation (mysteriously disappeared!) and generally began a raise hell campaign, insisting that the legal threats went against the spirit of Craigslist -- agreed. Then, wisely, Buckmaster backed off the shoot-em-up legal eagle line with a conciliatory post on the official Craigslist Blog (confused yet?) saying in part:

"Given all the inquiries we'd gotten from reporters thinking this blogger was associated with craigslist, taken together with the deceptive textads and disrespect for our trademark and terms of use, we felt we had to act. But there was no need for me to act like a jerk, provoked or not."

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It seems the unofficial blog also helped patch things up by yanking the text ads that Buckmaster found deceptive and then broke the impasse for good by accepting Buckmaster's apology and inviting him out for a cup of coffee. OMG!!! Soooooo sweet!! Also, Buckmaster taught me an awesome new web shorthand: FWIW (For What it's Worth). Yes, I'm a loser. So, it appears Craigslist can now get back to what it does best: helping connect crazy roommates and casual sex partners. I just love happy endings.

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