Who Can Get Away With Selling Pot Sweets? The Candy Man Can't.

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wonka.jpgAn Oakland pot candy maker has plead guilty to conspiring to manufacture and distribute marijuana, according to an article in today's Chronicle. The article dwells on the high-larious names of the goods offered by confectionist Michael Martin that play off the monikers of poplar sweets:

The article then goes on to talk about the 2006 raid on a similar enterprise called Beyond Bombs. Their offerings? (click 'more')

Rasta Reese's

Potheads love a good pun. Here's the more sobering news:
In federal marijuana cases, defense attorneys are barred from telling jurors that companies supply medical cannabis products through licensed dispensaries to qualified patients. Proposition 215, the initiative approved in 1996 by state voters, legalized growing and using marijuana for medical purposes with a doctor's recommendation. Under federal law, marijuana used for any purpose is illegal.
-Andy Wright

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