String of Robberies Earns California Man 927 Years in Prison

Categories: Crime

California man Bart Loshel Downey committed a prolific number of burglaries, robbing more than 30 homes over the course of 16 months, according to yesterday’s Associated Press article. The man was tried in a San Luis Obispo court and his lawyer requested a 12 year sentence. Judge Ginger Garrett didn’t think 12 years was quite long enough and instead sentenced Downey to serve 927 years. Downey has prior convictions which means that our state’s three strikes law requires him to serve all 927 years consecutively. California spends $8.8 billion a year keeping people in prison and the number is only getting higher. Thanks to an overzealous judge and the absurdity of the three strikes law, we’ll be keeping Downey in bunk beds, jumpsuits and prison food for the rest of life. -Andy Wright

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