SFPD Wants to Get Paid for Getting Dressed

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mahoney.jpgMore than 1,000 San Francisco Police officers are suing for back pay for the time they spend slipping in and out of their uniforms, according to an article in today's Examiner.

The lawsuit claims police officers should receive on-duty pay for time spent putting on and taking off protective gear, such as bullet proof vests, equipment belts and radios.
The practice of putting on and taking off the gear is called "donning and doffing" and the cops' attorney, Leslie Levy, says it takes "roughly 15 minutes before and after a shift" to complete. That's right, "roughly" 15 minutes. When's the last time you took that long preparing for work? Huh? For this task, the officers are asking that each be paid $50,000 to $150,000 a piece. That sounds appropriate. Two similar cases have been tried in San Leandro and Richmond, with the first finding in favor of the police and the second rejecting their claim. –Andy Wright

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