SF Drinking Water Now Without Hormones

Categories: Environment

christ_water.jpgSF residents will have to add their own estrogen to drinking water for now according to an article in today's Chronicle. Contrary to a report issued by the Associated Press yesterday, chemists who tested drinking water from 20 utilities nationwide said that they not detect a sex hormone in SF tap water.

The mistake apparently resulted from confusion over the waterworks foundation's laboratory test results conveyed by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to the Associated Press. The news service said it was looking into the matter.
Not only is our drinking water not full of crap according to the scientists, but they can't say enough nice things about it: "You guys have the best water that we tested. Period," Snyder said of San Francisco's drinking water. "I don't think we've ever tested drinking water that didn't have any of our target compounds in it." Claims that SF tap water flows directly from the glowing aura of Christ himself have been unsubstantiated.-Andy Wright

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