Porn Hacker Single-Handedly Revolutionizes Marin Transit Site

live_nude.htmFinally, someone has combined the banal world of city transportation regulation with online pornography. A European hacker hijacked the Transportation Authority of Marin Web site last year, directing visitors to the "best totally nude photos" instead of transit updates. Fixing the site will cost the city $25,000 plus $6,000 a year to maintain, according to an article in yesterday's Marin Independent Journal. The hack caused feds to squeal, jump up on a chair, and wave their arms around, shutting down every state Web site for a period of several hours on Oct. 2. They now admit they were "probably using a shotgun to kill a flea." Why is Marin even shelling out this kind of cash? If I had a dollar for every morning I hopped on the computer and thought, "Transit update or porno? Transit update or porno?" I'd have about $4.25. Pay the hacker a consulting fee and give the people what they want, the best totally nude TAM board meeting minutes. — Andy Wright

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