Plug-In Car is Latest Milestone In Google's Quest to Not Be Evil

Google's latest do-gooder project is called RechargeIT and aims to cut CO2 emissions by putting plug-in rechargeable hybrid cars on the streets. Valleywag does its best to knock the internet giant down a peg or two:

What the project doesn't do is compare the environmental cost per person-mile to that of Google's private commuter bus fleet. Nor does it compare the total carbon footprint over time of a newly-manufactured plug-in electric hybrid to, say, converting an existing automobile or improving public transportation.
Oh, snap. How long is it going to take for Google to get sick of us slapping away their handouts before they're like 'Fuck It' and pull the sheet off the big, primary colored laser cannon that zaps all us ungrateful naysayers back to kingdom come?-Andy Wright

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