No Money In Male Birth Control

birth_control.jpgMale birth control is no longer limited to vasectomies and condoms, according to an article in the Washington Post. Dudes can now go on a version of the pill that couples progestin, which is found in female birth control pills, and testosterone. An international consortium of physicians have declared the efficacy of the male pill on par with getting a vasectomy. The Male Contraception Information Project (MCIP), which is - surprise!- based out of sex positive SF, says that the argument that men "aren’t willing to participate is clearly out of date." So if the pill exists and men want to take it, when will it be available? Three years. Or never. Until pharmaceutical companies see proof that male birth control pills have the potential to rake in the big bucks, they have no incentive to produce them. No worries, though, guys. Hop over to the MCIP Web site where you can read about methods that utilize electrical shocks and rubber bands!-Andy Wright

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