Newsom to SF: You Will Get Turbines, and You Will Like Them.

GG_bridge.jpgMayor Gavin Newsom wants to push ahead with a plan to submerge giant turbines under the Golden Gate Bridge despite potential problems, according to an article in today's Chronicle. Initially it was believed the turbines could generate 38 megawatts of energy, enough to power 38,000 S.F. homes. A study paid for by the PUC and conducted by the San Francisco-based URS Corporation says the turbines would actually generate about one to two megawatts of power and cost the city as much as $15 million to implement. The controversy over the turbines may have contributed to the firing of PUC head Susan Leal, who expressed doubts about the plan after reviewing the results of the study. ( Getting tipsy and writing mean things about Newsom in the City Hall Slam Book probably didn't help, either.)

Newsom offered this measured, scientific assessment of his advocacy for the project: "I don't care about the arguments against it. I care about the arguments for it." In other news, Newsom just asked public health officials to cut $28.1 million from their budget, closing operating rooms at SF General for eight hours a day, and ending nurses' visits to homebound patients. — Andy Wright

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