Muni: The Christine of Public Transportation?

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killer_car.jpgWhile trying to board an underground Muni train in 2003, Chris Gray stepped in between the gap of the two cars and fell onto the tracks, according to an article in today’s Examiner. Gray has been blind since birth and is the third blind person to fall between Muni cars in recent years. Muni attempted to erect safety barriers to prevent further incidents, but the barriers failed to meet the standards of the California Public Utilities Commission. In other fun news, it turns out that the "tapered end of Muni’s light-rail vehicles — designed to allow 90-degree turns on above-ground routes — actually leads blind residents into the gaps of the cars." The Examiner article follows a spate of negative press surrounding the public transportation organization, including a $21 million payout to a family whose 4-year-old was struck and killed by a Muni truck, news that Muni drivers are being attacked in the Hunters Point area, and that hybrid buses are easily deactivated. -Andy Wright

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