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Well now, our friends over at Curbed SF are catching some righteous hell over their lighthearted ribbing -- nay, mere highlighting -- of a Craiglister ("22 year old straight male") who posted a (unintentionally?) hilarious ad outlining the sing-along benefits of taking him as a roommate:

"I love hanging out with friends and playing songs on the piano that we can all get in on, like Tiny Dancer, Billy Jean, Hey Jude, Don't Stop Believing, Lean On Me, etc etc. the list goes on."

Just think of it! You come home from another grueling day at the office, and instead of settling down with your usual beer and DVD, you've got Bryan, your very own young Billy Joel, tickling the ivory for a good old-fashioned sock hop. Somebody please take this guy in, and then invite me over. Did I mention that I love Journey? Sadly, however, some of the gadflys on the Curbed comment board don't see the greatness of this young renaissance man's offer, or the humor in his pursuit:

"I will henceforth ignore all posts related to things hideous, pretentious, pointless that appear on all Curbed sites ..."

Here's the thing: looking for an apartment, especially in the current rent-crazy climate, is hard. Really hard. So anything that sets you apart from the pack is going to improve chances, and let's face it, when we look for roommates, we're not just looking for another monthly check, we're looking for -- if you will -- someone we can lean on, when we're not strong, someone who'll be our friend, who'll help us, you know, carry on.

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