iPhone Users Are Obnoxious Know-It-Alls

hermione.jpgAn article in Saturday's LA Times reiterates what many of us already knew: iPhone users are annoying jackasses. Arguments that once inspired hours of wild speculation and totally uniformed guesswork ("I think I saw it on a Discovery Channel Documentary, but maybe I read it on Wikipedia…) are now settled in a matter of seconds by iPhone-toting fact checkers. One user sums it up nicely when she says of herself "It’s turned me from a really annoying know-it-all into an incredibly annoying know-it-all." Indeed. One USC student seems to think that his iPhone imbues him super-hero qualities: "I have the ability to clear up any confusion." And then there's this scene:

Wil Shipley, a Seattle software developer, uses his iPhone at the Whole Foods fish counter to check websites for updates on which seafood is the most environmentally correct to purchase. He quizzes the staff on where and how a fish was caught. Because he carries the Internet with him, "I can be super-picky," he said.

And thus the world imploded in a gaping void of yuppie-hipster perfection. –Andy Wright

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