Happy Birthday, L. Ron Hubbard! Have Some Comeuppance With Your Cake

Help your favorite fake religion inventor, L. Ron Hubbard celebrate his birthday! A group called Anonymous will be staging a party of sorts for Scientology this Saturday, March 15. The event is called "Operation Party Hard" and is part of an annual protest meant to shed light on the church's "corruption, and abuse of its members and critics" according to a press release. The day was chosen for its proximity to Hubbard's actual birthday, which is the thirteenth. March 13 is also the same day Scientologist Ellen Perkins was stabbed to death by her schizophrenic son in 2003. Her son had never received medical treatment because the church denounces psychiatry. The San Francisco protest will take place outside Scientology headquarters at 701 Montgomery around 11 a.m. There will be cake. UPDATE: Boingboing has a post up about how a person claiming to be involved in Scientology has tracked down members of Anonymous and posted their personal info online. Those crazy Scientologists! –Andy Wright

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