Getting Fat Will Drive You Crazy

homer_simpson.jpgA spare tire has already been shown to contribute to an unhealthy heart, but now scientists think it may also contribute to dementia in old age. An article in today’s Wall Street Journal says that a new study has found that people with excessive belly fat have a 3.6 times higher risk of dementia. Rachel Whitmer, a scientist at the research division of Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, tossed out the vague and somewhat ominous declaration that "there is something very potent about collecting fat in your belly" while a leading Alzheimer researcher warned "it is possible the link between belly fat and dementia is better explained by some other factor". So basically, this is just another study that may or may not prove that your beer gut is going to buy you a one way ticket to the grave. Science: always trying to convince you that something, somehow, is going to kill you.-Andy Wright

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