Finally, Craigslist Has an (Unofficial) Blog

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clist.jpgAn enterprising group of bloggers have taken it upon themselves to fill what they call, "a gaping hole in the online body politic." They've created a blog focused solely on the Web site that, among other things, helps people fill gaping holes in bodies all over the US and world: Craigslist., based out of SF, collects the weirdest personal ads, newest scams, and strangest merchandise from the popular site. The site also collects news items about Clist. Some of today's offerings: utilizing Craigslist to cope with recession, a woman selling a diamond watch gets swindled, and a guy gets arrested after using Craigslist to meet a woman that he later sexually assaulted. An alarming number of the entries are about prostitutes getting busted for using the site to peddle their wares. If you can't go to Craig for your discreet, pay-for sexual encounters, where can you go?(via Technorati)–Andy Wright

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