Examiner Wants You To Know Jumping From Golden Gate Bridge Is No Walk in the Park

foggy_bridge.jpgThe Examiner has a gory follow-up article to a story that broke last week about a man who leapt from the Golden Gate bridge and survived. The unnamed man is the 28th person of 1,300 to survive the jump. That puts the survival rate at a very low two percent. Here are some more choice tidbits:

Injuries that occur on impact include "lacerated aortas, spleens, livers and kidney, broken hips, splintered ribs, shattered vertebra and water-filled lungs."

A 1967 study found that 5 percent of jumpers die of drowning, the rest from the aforementioned impact injuries.

Jumpers hit the water at about 75 miles per hour

And finally, should you be lucky enough to survive the fall, you will confront "violent ocean conditions."

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