Did You Buy Your Spitzer Related Domain Name Yet?

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spitzy.jpgIf you woke up this morning and thought to yourself, "I'm going to buy up every domain I can think of with 'Spitzer' in the title and make my fortune!" you're a few days too late. Valleywag has the complete list of domain names that have been snapped up during New York mayor Eliot Spitzer's rapid fall from grace as the result of sleeping with prositutes. Some of them are pretty straight forward, like elliotspitzermustgo.com. Some of them are anticipatory like elliotspitzersextape.com. (May that url never be put to its intended use.) And some of them are mildly amusing like idontswallowbutispitzer.com. Heh. Not surprisingly, since a woman named Ashley Alexandra Dupre has been exposed as one of the sex workers Spitzer frequented, domains related to her name are being bought up as well. You have to think fast to make an opportunistic buck off ruined lives in this hectic world.–Andy Wright

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