Comment Threads Of The Damned: Maximum Strength Mick

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Over at Maximum Strength Mick, the always-entertaining Chron movie scribe Mick LaSalle asks his readers "What Is the Smartest Thing You Ever Did?"

Comments are hilarious and plentiful -- even (gasp!) a little thoughtful. Plus, you get a good 50 comments deep before the proceedings spin wildly into self-consuming rants, as threads of this sort always do.

These are almost touching, for comment board fodder:

"I learned the value of not defending against lies while in a custody case, hoping to gain reasonable visitation rights to my youngest child. Although my attorney disproved all the false charges with hard proof, I didn't have to play that game. While under cross-examination, I never took the bait when opposing counsel tried to get me to say that I thought the mother of my child was inadequate. I said only positive things. The judge rewarded my self-possession by granting me more time with my daughter than I had asked for. And I left behind a court record that my daughter can read as an adult and not think the worst of her father."
"Ended a relationship with someone i was hopelessly in love with."
"The smartest thing I ever did was getting clean and sober in 1992, and accepting Jesus Christ as my Saviour and committing to following Him. Made all the difference in a ruined life."

-- B.B.

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