CA DMV Tells Homeland Security to Shove Their Orwellian Future

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1984.jpgWired's Threat Level posted a blog yesterday about the possible consequences of California's non-compliance with the Real ID plan. Real ID would require states to gather birth and marriage certificates for all citizens with state issued licenses or identification cards.

That means almost every driver's license holder will have to get certified documents and go into the DMV to get a new license -- and many will likely have to go in more than once.
Multiple trips to the DMV? Can it get any worse? Yep. (click 'more')

States have until March 31st to apply for a two year extension to comply with Real ID. The head of California's DMV sent Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff a letter on Tuesday that bascially said, "We are kind of maybe thinking about doing this Real ID thing, but not really." That could have lead to Homeland Security denying CA the two year extension. The consequences for not going along with the party line?

They [CA residents] would have needed to dig out their passport, if they had one, every time they boarded a plane, or go through an extra level of TSA screening at airport metal detectors. Los Angeles and San Francisco airports could have had security lines stretching to the Sierras.Californians would also have been barred from buying certain medicine, entering federal court buildings or getting help at the Social Security Administration, unless they have a passport.
But Homeland Security spokesman Laura Keehner says that since the letter can be interpreted to say that California "might" comply, we can have our two year respite from institutionalized hazing. What happens in two years remains to be seen. –Andy Wright

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