8,000 SF Employees Take Home Over $100,000 -- And Then Some.

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pile_of_money.jpgThe city of San Francisco pays over 8,000 employees over $100,000 and the Chronicle has a helpful database set up to let you figure out who they are. At the very top, with $350,324 is Christian Kitchin, a Special Nurse with the DPH-Community Health Network. Kitchin is a county jail nurse and his base pay is $117,262. He made $216,277 in overtime and $16,785 in "other pay", which is classified as "compensation for special working conditions or one-time pay-outs of unused vacation and sick leave to employees leaving the city." Next in line is Nathaniel Ford, General Manager of Muni, who makes $325,452 (no overtime, but he scored $27,453 in "other pay".) Third place goes to David Kushner, Department Director for Investments of the SF Employee's Retirement System, who makes an even $289,479, no overtime, no other pay. Three SFPD employees occupy the seventh, eighth and ninth slots, all of whom nearly double their $100,000+ salaries with overtime pay. Supervisor Aaron Peskin will introduce an ordinance on Tuesday asking that the city eliminate staff positions whose base salaries are $150,000 or higher- but that only takes into account salaries, not overtime and fringe benefits. Our city's deficit stands at $338 million. According to an article in yesterday's Chronicle, the city paid more than 1,317 employees more than $150,000 in overtime in 2007. -Andy Wright

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