You Lucky Bastards: Lost Skiers Recount Survival, Freezing Asses Off


How often can you cheat death before his accounting department gets back to him?

Local boys Christopher Gerwig and the incredibly aptly named Patrick Frost nearly found out. The pair spent several days hiking and freezing after skiing off the course in Tahoe over the weekend. The pair were rescued this morning after being spotted by a helicopter.

"It felt kind of stupid because you think about how we just did that one run and then three days later we're still in the wilderness," Frost, 35, a sales account executive for the San Jose Sharks, said Monday. "We were very happy the helicopter found us."

Frost and Christopher Gerwig, 32, a sous chef at a San Francisco restaurant, had an emotional reunion with relatives and friends Monday after being taken by sheriff's helicopter to Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital in Auburn. They were treated for minor frostbite and released.

The two men were still a little flushed, but happy and in remarkably good condition later Monday when they recounted their ordeal to Placer County sheriff's investigators and reporters.

Read their amazing story here.

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