Worst E-Card. Ever.: "So, you've been itching, burning, discharging ..."

Next time you’ve got the clap, don’t man up and tell her. Web site inSPOT.org has got you covered. Reuters reports on the brainchild of Oakland-based non-profit, Internet Sexuality Information Services. The site allows users to send anonymous e-cards to their sexual partners (up to six at a time because they know you’re a slut) warning them that they may have contracted an STD and to get checked out. Users have a choice of six cards that include a link to the web site that helps the receiver find a testing spot. ... (Continue Reading Worst E-Card. Ever. by clicking 'More')

After picking a card, you can choose your STD from a scroll down menu. All the favorites are there: crabs, chlamydia, syphilis, but not HIV or AIDS, because that’s just not the sort of thing you put in an e-card. You can also include a note. Resist the urge to use frowny face emoticons. -Andy Wright

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