Vday Pillow Fight: Not for the Weak

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The Chronicle reports that about 1,000 people, at least one of which was dressed in blue spandex and wearing a luchador mask, showed up for the third annual Valentines Day Pillow fight at Justin Herman Plaza last night. Anyone who thought the event would be a fun filled frolic was sorely mistaken. The pillow fight always takes on a decidedly aggro edge, with participants walloping total strangers full force in the face while their pillows ejaculate great volumes of down into the air. One combatant, seemingly in the throws of ecstasy, screamed continuously at the top of her lungs, "Oooooooh, God, this is grrrrrrreat! Oh, God! There’s a feather up my nose!" There were an ill advised number of children in the frenzied crowd, including babies in baby strollers whose parents laughed in the face of potential crushing death. Newbies who weren’t prepared for the brawl stood around the edges of the melee looking dazed and tapping each other with pillows. Like all San Francisco cluster fucks, the event has already produced it’s fair share of Craigslist missed connections."I hit you with a pillow" admits poster m4w, 27. "I saw you at the pillow fight, I was the tall guy with dark hair. I thought you were really cute. Then I whacked you on the head with a pillow. Sorry about that. What to get coffee some time?" (picture from Laughing Squid) -Andy Wright

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