U.S. State Department: now with HIV!

This is an HIV virus ... so they tell me.

by Benjamin Wachs

The U.S. State Department finally decided that people with HIV can represent the USA. As of this week, according to the Associated Press, having the virus that causes AIDS is no longer grounds for automatic rejection of foreign service candidates.

“The change,” the AP deadpans, “was made after consultation with medical experts.” It was also made after a trilingual HIV positive man sued to get his application considered. Lambda Legal was backing him up.

The regulation in question required that potential diplomats be able to work anywhere in the world … and HIV was listed as a medical condition that made this impossible. Because, as is well known, HIV positive people don't fit in airplanes.

“Officials” the AP continued to deadpan “denied that the policy” (of discriminating against HIV positive people) “had ever intentionally discriminated against HIV-positive people.”

Well, that’s a relief.

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