Trash Talking: Worst Company in '08

Categories: Business

you_suck.jpgIf you’re sitting at work and looking to spend a couple hours and looking to talk smack on the interwebs, jump into the Worst Company in ’08 thread over at Gawker blog Consumerist. Readers are invited to name the company that has been sucking it up the hardest and after the votes are tallied the dubious honor will be doled out. Past "winners" include the RIAA and Halliburton. Early favorites for this year seem to be Comcast and Best Buy. Will no one throw their hat in the ring for American Apparel? Trashing the chain may garner one a lot of passive-aggressive side-long glances from hipsters, but is anyone else sick of their paternalistic labor practices and porno ads that look like they were cribbed from a teenager’s Myspace page? - Andy Wright

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