The Do-It-Yourself Ward Bushee Doll from the Arizona Republic

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ward%20bushee%20.jpg Every newspaper including the SF Chronicle has a dude called the editor in chief who runs the show . After losing millions of dollars per year for, like, the last decade, Chronicle EIC Phil Bronstein is out, and Arizona Republic golden boy Ward Bushee is in.

Such an occasion always results in a ritual outpouring of creativity and photoshop skills by newspaper staff, usually resulting in a joke front page for the outgoing editor. The Chron's joke front page (which we don't have here, but will soon) is pretty tame, except for an awesomely funny infographic about Bronstein's eyebrows by Don Asmussen, who answers the eternal question: What is Phil staring at?

On the opposite side, The Snitch presents a copy of the Arizona Republic's going-away production for its editor. This is for real, a .pdf of a cartoon Bushee that can be cut, glued, and folded into a little Bushee doll for your desk.


Our imaginary gift to Bushee would be feathers, some glue, and a big fat bull's-eye.

See, Ward, your new lefty-pinko-fascist readers hate hunting, unless it's the most dangerous prey in the world - Man.

Hunting season is now open. -- David Downs

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