The Big Super Tuesday Loser: Endorsements

By Benjamin Wachs

If anybody took a beating in yesterday’s election, it was the idea that endorsements — whether by newspapers, politicians, or celebrities — mean a damn thing.

Clinton beat Obama handily among California Hispanic voters – even though the Spanish language press came out swinging for him. She won among women despite Oprah’s parade for Obama. On the other hand, Obama cleans Clinton’s clock among blacks despite Maya Angelou coming out for Hillary. But Hillary won California Asian voters despite Asian Week’s endorsement of Barak.

Does anybody care?

It gets more ridiculous. Clinton trashed Obama in Massachusetts, despite the Kennedy's talking about how Kennedy-esque he is. Did John Kerry’s endorsement make a bit of difference? Does John Kerry ever make a difference?

On the other hand, Obama took Connecticut, despite … well, you get the idea.

Bottom line: Super Tuesday proved that the endorsement game, like 3-card Monty, is for suckers.

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