Tongue Cut Out of Girlfriend's Mouth - BF's Defense: the Nag Had It Coming

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ThumbsDown.jpgThe Associated Press reports that longshoreman, Frank Robert Mallory, of Long Beach, CA. received the death sentence yesterday for cutting out his girlfriend's tongue and allowing her to bleed to death. While the crime is horrifying on its own, the defense argument is gut churning as well. Writes the AP "…Witnesses testified that Mallory and Dunthorne fought constantly after she moved in even though Mallory bought her a car, put her on his health insurance and paid for her breast enhancement surgery." How dare she? Another winning quote: ... (Click 'More' to Continue Reading 'Tongue Cut ...')

"Mallory, who testified in his own defense,recalled that he had one final argument with Dunthorne on the night she died. He said she wanted him to buy her a $15,000 watch and she belittled him, nagged him and hit him." So let's see, the guy is nice enough to buy his girl a boob job and when the uppity bitch won't stop "nagging" him, he cuts her tongue out. No symbolism there. Also, a note to the AP: could you find a way to write about this tragedy without sounding like you kind of think his argument is valid? Buy a thesaurus and look up some synonyms for "nag."

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