S.F. Signs of the Apocalypse: Probably Our First of the Year!

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Photo | Joe Eskenazi, taken at Foley's Irish House, 243 O'Farrell St.

You haven't properly visited Copenhagen unless you've gotten good and smashed at the Carlsberg Brewery. And, as you stumble through the sublime gates to be jeered at by blonde Danish children, you'll no doubt notice Carlsberg's puzzling slogan branded across the brewery wall: "Probably the best beer in the world."

Well, there's a vote of confidence from the creators of this fine product!

Anyhow, annointing Carlsberg the best beer in the world would involve utilizing more conditionals than there are ingredients in Doritos. And yet, this curious method of self-promotion has been adopted right here in San Francisco by Foley's Irish House, which notes that it "probably" serves the best Bloody Mary in town.

Again, could we get a little more confidence from the people serving us alcohol?

How about these:

"We think we serve the best Bloody Mary in town!"

"We take great pride in the quality of our Bloody Marys. Won't you sample one?"

"Nine out of 10 alcoholic mayors think we serve the best Bloody Mary in town!"

Or, simply: "We serve a damn good Bloody Mary!"

Well, that's my $0.02. Remember San Francisco -- when you see crazy signage, don't just laugh and walk away. Take a snapshot and send it to me.


Joe Eskenazi

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