SF Eateries Drag U.S. Supreme Court Into Fight Over Health Insurance

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sick_teddy.jpgA group of San Francisco restaurant owners are trying to get out of paying for their employees' health care and they're taking it to the top this week. Uninsured workers can get medical treatment in SF with cash from their business owners who don't pay bennies. The funding mandate comes from a new local law called "Healthy San Francisco." Well, the Golden Gate Restaurant Owners thought about it for a second and then responded, "Ummmm, nah." According to the San Francisco Sentinel, the association sued to challenge the spending mandate and a federal judge sided with them, suspending the payments. But last month the 9th U.S. Circuit called bullshit on the ruling and issued an emergency stay telling San Francisco to go ahead and collect the tab. ... (Click 'More' to Continue Reading Supreme Stiff)

"The panel said the city has a strong likelihood of winning the full appeal and that a stay would avoid "preventable human suffering."" Not ready to give in, the Association asked U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who handles emergency appeals for California and other Western states, to step in and reverse the panel’s findings. Here’s hoping "preventable human suffering" will tug at Kennedy’s heartstrings more than it did the association's.-Andy Wright

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